All About Water 2020 – Resources and Research

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All About Water Session Presentations

Session #2: Community & Water Affordability

Royce Stephens: D.R.E.A.M.S. Program

Evonda & Amanda Haith: Framework for Dismantling Institutional Racism

Donald Wiggins Jr. Esq.: Community Benefits Agreement & Water Affordability

Aisha Sleiman: Community Lawyering Junction

Ninah Sasy: Clean Water Public Advocate

Session #3: Public Health & Water Affordability

Dr. Peggy Berry: Water: A Life Source for Our Health and the Environment

Dr. Nadia Gaber & Professor Emily Kutil: We the People of Detroit — Community Research Collective

Session #4: Government & Water Affordability

Michael Harris:  The Mckenzie Patrice Flint Community Lab & Flint Development Center 

Ian Robinson & General McDaniel: Using AI to Reduce Uncertainty of Lead Service Line Replacement

Rianna Eckel: Baltimore Water Justice

Roger D. Colton: All About Water: A Path to Affordability

Session #5: Policy & Water Affordability

Please review documents in research and resources above.

Session #6: Strategy

Jill Ryan & Monica Lewis-Patrick: Building a Collaborative Strategy to Win on Water Affordability