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Coaching is rated as the most effective tool for nonprofit leaders to develop their skills and strengthen their organizations. As a fellow nonprofit, our only mission is to help you achieve your mission. With our combined 100+ years of experience, Freshwater Future has been helping grassroots groups achieve success since 1996.

We offer customized consulting tailored exclusively to your needs. Freshwater Future member organizations are eligible for these services at deeply discounted rates – ask about our grant subsidized services.We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning

    Map out a clear path to achieving your goals & get advice on implementing it

  • Board Development

    Empower your board to lead, fundraise, and help set policies

  • Fundraising Training

    Establish realistic fundraising goals develop & implement a fundraising strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

    Develop a communications strategy to work across print, website, and social media

  • Advocacy Strategy

    Identify key milestones to benchmark success & develop a step-by-step approach to win on your issue

  • Nonprofit Registration

    Get guidance to submit state paperwork & assistance with your federal application to IRS for nonprofit status

  • Finance Assistance

    Learn how to create a budget, get help setting up bookkeeping and creating & reading reports

  • Succession Planning

    Identify steps to build leadership throughout your organization & develop plans for staff and board succession

  • Membership Planning

    Develop a strategy to engage members and generate revenue

And don’t forget about our Help Desk Hotline!

Do you need a partner to help you think through a tough decision?

Do you want someone with an outside perspective to help you figure out how to handle a new situation?

Would you like to be able to lean on someone who can listen, who understands what you’re going through to protect your community, and who can give you some good advice?

Or maybe you simply need a little extra help with writing that press release, finding a new accounting system, creating a fundraising plan, etc.

Contact us today to get started!

(231) 348-8200

In an independent survey of our consulting clients, 100% of respondents said that Freshwater Future’s assistance had strengthened their organization.