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Freshwater Future has partnered with Earth Economics to create an online tool to reduce flood risk, increase climate resiliency, and better inform green infrastructure investments in communities across the United States.

Reducing flood risks requires understanding where flooding occurs most frequently so that the most helpful solutions can be created in the best locations to solve the problems. Using the Flood Focus App, partner groups are documenting where rainfall impacts their neighborhood and residences. Then, using maps provided by Freshwater Future that displays the data collected, community members can identify where green infrastructure, such as rain gardens, permeable paving, or runoff basins can be placed to reduce flooding.

This interactive, browser-based map allows users to become part of the solution to stormwater issues in their communities. Their participation can help identify areas at risk for flood damage and they can even suggest locations of green infrastructure projects.


The thing that is going to make this tool so great is YOU! Using this tool residents and community members are able to upload pictures of flooding, large puddles, and runoff from rain to an interactive online map. Pictures and descriptions you upload will then be used in combination of weather data, soil analysis, and other information to improve how we manage stormwater and reduce flood risk.


For additional questions and opportunities for collaboration please contact Kwame Hampton via email at

Organizations Using Flood Focus App

(To access community pages, please click on a community link below. Note: These pages require a password to access.)