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Take Action

Simple actions you can take to protect our waters, from source to tap:

4/9/18: Flint Still Needs Bottled Water

The State of Michigan will stop providing free bottled water to the city of Flint, according to Governor Snyder

Flint residents have already been exposed to alarmingly dangerous levels. Further exposure, even at relatively low levels, could have compounding, devastating effects—especially for expectant mothers and children. The State has not earned the community’s trust nor have they successfully convinced the public of the water’s safety. For the sake of public health and alleviating public mistrust, bottled water distribution should continue until all lead service lines are replaced. Read our statement here.

We’re asking you to email the governor; tell Flint still needs bottled water.

4/4/18: Michigan Mining Bills to Eliminate Safeguards Against Destructive Sulfide Mining Practices

The two bills have passed the Senate and await a vote in the House

Bill No. 839  There is potential that this bill, if passed and turned into law, would allow for the unfettered underground expansion of mines without new mining permits or permit amendment reviews of environmental impacts.

Bill No. 881 This bill is an attempt to exempt mining companies from National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System requirements, laws that protect our waters from discharges of toxic mining waste.

We’re asking you to contact your Michigan representatives; tell them to vote NO on Senate bills 839 and 881.

3/6/18: Foxconn Wants 7 Million Gallons / Day of Lake Michigan Water for New Wisconsin Factory

City of Racine Seeks Approval for “Straddling Community” Water Diversion, Clashes With Great Lakes Compact

The water diversion application is to send Lake Michigan water to the southwest corner of Mount Pleasant, an area that includes the planned Foxconn Technology Group manufacturing campus. The application to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is to extend water service to the part of Mount Pleasant located in the Mississippi River basin, outside the Great Lakes basin.

At Freshwater Future, we believe this new diversion violates the intent of the the Great Lakes Compact (an eight-state agreement in place to manage water diversions and withdrawals from the Great Lakes). The diversion is primarily for a private industrial use (Foxconn) rather than public (“largely residential”) use as required by the Compact which states, “all the Water so transferred shall be used solely for Public Water Supply Purposes within the Straddling Community.”

We’re asking you to contact the Wisconsin DNR; tell them to reject the City of Racine’s water diversion application to provide water to the future site of the Foxconn facility.

5 Things You Can Do Anytime to Protect the Great Lakes

Our Favorite Tips for Keeping the Lakes Healthy and Clean
Small actions can make a big difference! At Freshwater Future, we help thousands of communities around the Great Lakes protect their local waters so that, together, we can protect the whole of the Great Lakes. Individual actions are powerful, too! Here are five little things with big impact that you can do to help keep our lakes healthy and clean.


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