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Take Action

Simple actions you can take to protect our waters, from source to tap:

8/2/17: Tell Lake Erie Leaders to Speed Up Efforts to Reduce the Runoff Pollution that Causes Toxic Algal Blooms

Three Years Since the Toledo Water Crisis, Toxic Algae is Still a Problem
Lake Erie leaders will meet in October to discuss the future of the Great Lakes. Three years ago, the water supply Toledo draws from Lake Erie was so contaminated with toxic algae that it was declared undrinkable. A year later, the governors of Ohio and Michigan joined with the Premier of Ontario to commit to reducing the amount of runoff pollution—specifically phosphorus—flowing into western Lake Erie by 40 percent. Unfortunately, little progress has been made toward this goal. Please sign our petition and tell them you want them to speed up and scale up efforts to reduce the pollution that causes toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie.


7/20/17: Comment on Michigan’s Line 5 Alternatives Study

State of Michigan Seeks Comments on Alternatives to Line 5 Pipeline
In the Straits of Mackinac, a 64-year-old pipeline transports nearly 23 million gallons of crude oil a day through Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. In response to growing public opposition to the continued operation of Line 5, the state of Michigan commissioned a study to analyze alternative methods of transport. A draft of the study was released a few weeks ago, and the public has until August 5 to provide comments that will help shape the final report. Get guidance on how to craft effective comments on our blog, and then take action.


7/13/17: Tell Lake Erie Governments To Do More To Combat Toxic Algae

Severe Algal Blooms Predicted for Summer
The forecast is out, and this summer the blooms are coming back. Today National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its forecast for the summer algal bloom in Lake Erie’s western basin. The prediction? Severe algal blooms. We’re calling upon governments along Lake Erie to take stronger, more proactive steps to reduce the runoff pollution that leads to these toxic algal blooms each summer.


THIS CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED. Thank you for taking action to protect Lake Erie. You joined over 1,800 caring people in asking the Ontario and Canadian governments to come up with a plan that reduces the harmful algae blooms plaguing Lake Erie.

6/30/17: Tell Michigan’s Governor and Treasurer Flint Still Needs Water Relief

State of Michigan Needs to Reinstate Water Credits for Flint
Thousands of Flint, Michigan residents could face foreclosure over unpaid bills for lead-poisoned water unless the Governor takes action. The governor’s decision to end water relief credits in February gave the impression that the water crisis was solved. Let’s be clear: Flint residents are now being asked to pay the highest water rate in America for water that’s still toxic to drink without a filter. Tell Governor Snyder and Treasurer Khouri to reinstate the water credits until the water is lead-free.


6/29/17: Tell Your US Reps to Support the Stop Asian Carp Now Act

Live Asian Carp Found Nine Miles From Lake Michigan
On June 22nd a live silver carp was caught in the Calumet River on Chicago’s south side, approximately 9 miles from Lake Michigan and well beyond the electric barrier network designed to prevent invasive fish from reaching Lake Michigan. US Senators Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Gary Peters (D-MI) have introduced legislation that would require the Trump Administration to release the Brandon Road Study, a report authored by the Army Corps of Engineers that details how best to prevent the spread of Asian Carp. Tell your representatives that we can’t wait any longer. The Brandon Road Study is essential to keeping invasive Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes, and Congress must act before it’s too late.


6/15/17: Help Get Water Turned Back On For Flint Residents

Flint Fundraiser
Flint, Michigan has been without clean water since April 24, 2014. As if Flint residents haven’t already suffered enough, in April the city began shutting off water service to residents with past due bills. Dozens of families in Flint have had their water shut off, and hundreds more anticipate losing service if their bills remain unpaid. No one should have to pay for poisoned water, but we’ve partnered with a grassroots group in Flint to get the water turned back on, and you can help by donating here.


6/13/17: Let Your MI Representatives Know: Cuts to State Budget Threaten Clean Water and Public Health

Deep Cuts Proposed to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Governor Synder and the Michigan legislature have proposed millions of dollars in cuts to the DEQ and other agencies dedicated to conserving natural resources, preserving public health, and maintaining safe and clean water. Send a message to your legislators telling them to stand up for Michigan’s waterways.


THIS CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED. On June 22, 2017 the Michigan legislature voted to cut funding for the Department of Environmental Quality by $9.5 million, and Gov. Snyder signed the bill into law. However, the fight continues. This 2% cut may seem insignificant, but given the current makeup of Congress and the Trump Administration’s proposed EPA cuts, that number is likely to grow. The MDEQ relies on the EPA for about ⅓ of its budget, meaning its operations are especially sensitive to national policy changesWe’ll be keeping an eye on the national budget moving forward, and we’ll keep you updated as Congress deliberates

5/31/17: Tell the MI Senate Not To Limit State’s Regulatory Power

Michigan House Passes “No Greater Than the Feds” Bill; Passes to Senate
There’s a bill working its way through the state legislature that would prevent the state from enacting any environmental protections that are stronger than existing federal protections. You can read more about it here, and we’ve made it easy to contact your state Senator to let them know you oppose this bill.


5/11/17: Lake Erie Needs Your Help!

It’s Time for Ontario to Take Clear, Decisive Action to Clean Up Lake Erie
Canada and Ontario recently released a draft action plan to tackle the algae blooms plaguing Lake Erie. It falls seriously short. While the comment period has now closed, you can still make your voice heard. Tell governments that you care about Lake Erie and want to see a strong plan that ensures a clean, healthy lake for the people and wildlife that rely on it.


THIS CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED. Thank you for taking action to protect Lake Erie. You joined over 1,800 caring people in asking the Ontario and Canadian governments to come up with a plan that reduces the harmful algae blooms plaguing Lake Erie. Way to go! That amount of vocal support for Lake Erie will not go unnoticed.

4/24/17: Tell Your MI Rep to Vote YES on Nestlé Resolution

Urge Michigan Governor and DEQ to Reject Nestlé Request to Increase Pumping
Let your MI state representative know you support House Resolution 0061 urging the Governor and the DEQ to reject Nestlé Waters’ application to more than double water-taking at its Evart pumping station.


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