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Simple actions you can take to protect our waters, from source to tap:

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Lake Erie algae is at a crisis point. Each year, hundreds of beach closures, drinking water warnings, and fish consumption advisories afflict communities across the Lake Erie shoreline. We know what solutions will work, and we already have laws on the books to implement them. Let’s fix this.

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6/8/18: Senator Harris Introduces Water Affordability Bill

Harris’ bill would establish a pilot program, named the Low Income Sewer and Water Assistance Program (LISWAP)

On June 6th, U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris introduced the Water Affordability Act of 2018, legislation that would help low-income families across the country pay for rising sewer and water bills. The Act would direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish a pilot program, named the Low Income Sewer and Water Assistance Program (LISWAP), to award grants for public water utility companies to assist low-income households with bill repayment.

Water safety and affordability should be a bipartisan issue. The longer we wait, the larger the price tag becomes. Contact your senators TODAY to tell them to move the Water Affordability Act forward!

5/20/18: U.S. WATER Act Would Fund $35 Billion/Year For Water Safety and Affordability

Tell Congress: We need clean water investments!

Known formally as the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability Act, the bill would provide $35 billion/year indefinitely to expand access to safe and affordable water in the United States by updating water and sewer systems, improving rural wells and septic systems, financing the removal of lead pipes, and cleaning up drinking water in our public schools.

Since the bill finances the plan by repealing a small portion of the recent tax law’s corporate tax cuts, the bill faces a steep, uphill climb in the House. The bill was referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition, to the Committees on Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means, and Agriculture. Along with organizations across the country, Freshwater Future is giving folks the opportunity to contact legislators on these committees to build momentum for action. Water is and should be a bipartisan issue, and state and local governments can’t shoulder the burden alone. Let’s make clean water an election issue, and get this bill out of committee.

4/9/18: Flint Still Needs Bottled Water

The State of Michigan will stop providing free bottled water to the city of Flint, according to Governor Snyder

Flint residents have already been exposed to alarmingly dangerous levels. Further exposure, even at relatively low levels, could have compounding, devastating effects—especially for expectant mothers and children. The State has not earned the community’s trust nor have they successfully convinced the public of the water’s safety. For the sake of public health and alleviating public mistrust, bottled water distribution should continue until all lead service lines are replaced. Read our statement here.

We’re asking you to email the governor; tell Flint still needs bottled water.

5 Things You Can Do Anytime to Protect the Great Lakes

Our Favorite Tips for Keeping the Lakes Healthy and Clean
Small actions can make a big difference! At Freshwater Future, we help thousands of communities around the Great Lakes protect their local waters so that, together, we can protect the whole of the Great Lakes. Individual actions are powerful, too! Here are five little things with big impact that you can do to help keep our lakes healthy and clean.


10 Ways You Can Prevent Invasive Species

Be sure to share this list with your friends and family in need of a nudge, a reminder, or a back-to-basics invasives education.


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