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2022 Grant Recipients

Spring Project Grants

Association for the Wolf Lake Initiative

Amount: $1,500

Project Title: Systematic Water Quality Measurement of the Wolf Lake Watershed

Project Description: Grant funds will support water quality testing of the Wolf Lake Watershed during the initial year of a decade-long effort to monitor the water. 


Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River

Amount: $2,700

Project title: Water Celebration to Protect the Beautiful Menominee River

Project Description: In its ongoing battle to prevent a metallic sulfide mine, the Coalition to SAVE The Menominee River will hold its second annual Water Celebration on July 23, 2022, at Stephenson Island in Marinette, Wis. The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin and the Coalition will work together to hold the event. The location is near the mouth of the Menominee River, the ancestral birthplace of the Wisconsin Menominee Indian Tribe. 


Environment North

Amount: $4,320

Project Title: Environment North Nuclear Waste Issue 

Project Description: Environment North is working in northwestern Ontario on a campaign to protect waters and improve decision making around safe transportation and handling of nuclear waste using science as the foundation.


Junction Creek Stewardship Committee Inc

Amount: $4,854

Project Title: Protecting Junction Creek from Point Source Contaminants

Project Description: This project aims to protect water quality and habitat by addressing targeted point source contaminants that are entering Junction Creek and draining into Lake Huron. 


Michigan Hydro Relicensing Coalition

Amount: $5,000

Project Title: Grassroots Citizen Advocacy at Michigan Hydropower Projects

Project Description: The project will ensure that citizen conservationists’ interests are given full consideration by resource agencies and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). It will focus on four hydropower projects in various stages of the licensing process.


Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association

Amount: $1,500

Project Title: Lakeshore Homeowner Neighbor-to-Neighbor Resiliency Transition and Training Program

Project Description: The “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” program will work to expand training and tools for lakeshore landowners to implement water protection measures in and around their homes/properties. 



Amount: $5,000

Project Title: Prevent Toxic Mine Pollution

Project Description: The project will take critical next steps to prevent toxic pollution from the proposed copper-nickel mine from contaminating surface waters from the headwaters of the St. Louis River downstream to Lake Superior.


Wellington Water Watchers

Amount: $1,500

Project Title: Science Communications Assets to Support the Grassroots Gravel Mining Reform

Funds will support the development of science communications assets that reveal the threats from gravel mining to water, the ways policy falls short in upholding the science behind current water protection programs, and draw stakeholders into conversation about the need for a moratorium. 


West Grand Boulevard Collaborative

Amount: $5,000

Project Title: Rain Garden Reinvigoration 

Project Description: The Mary & Albert H. Mallory Reading Gardens are located on the grounds of the Detroit Public Library – Duffield Branch. This project is designed to encourage youth to play a major role in creating a beautiful and sustainable community.


Communications Grants

Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities

Amount: $27,000

Project Title: Elevating the Dangers of Pipelines Amongst Chicago Business Leaders

Project Description: Elevate awareness of pipelines amongst business leaders to inspire them to act and to recruit new members to join the Great Lakes Business Network and become more effective advocates for the health and prosperity of the Great Lakes region.


Michigan Environmental Council

Amount: $27,000

Project Title: Great Lakes Impact Storytelling 

Project Description: Work to develop a strategic message and content creation to tell a story of impact around Great Lakes protection efforts. This will be done by developing printed and digital materials around reducing nutrient runoff pollution in Lake Erie, addressing aging water infrastructure, and filtering out lead in our schools.


Michigan Radio

Amount: $27,000

Project Title: An Environmental e-newsletter for Michigan 

Project Description: The purpose of this project is to better serve our statewide Michigan audience with targeted environmental news content delivered straight to email inboxes. 


Minnesota Environmental Partnership

Amount: $27,000

Project Title: Boosting community engagement in cleaning up mercury in the St. Louis River

Project Description: To maximize community involvement with a relatively obscure public process,   MEP is seeking research-driven guidance on the most effective means, coupled with person-to-person grassroots organizing, to reach these marginalized communities and support their voices being engaged in the Total Maximum Daily Load process.


Wisdom Institute

Amount: $27,000

Project Title: Passing the Torch, Preserving the Flame

Project Description: Wisdom Institute developed a communications strategy to support the adaptation and execution of our Womanist Praxis theory of change by our informal network of women in ministry and spirituality that is currently being formalized as a Wise Women Circle (WWC).  At least ten elder Black women from the network will be trained and deployed as Ambassadors on water policy in Detroit and at least two will serve as members of a Water Council established by We the People of Detroit.

Communications 2 Grants

Kettle Lakes Association

Amount: $13,500

Project Title: Developing Web & Technology-Based Communication & Data Collection Systems

Project Description: Most of the leaders in the Association are learning as they go along, developing the website and maintaining the Facebook page.  Without training and support, figuring out how to develop web and technology-based systems which the not-for profit organizations can use to share information and disseminate data quickly and efficiently about water quality issues with the residents of the four Kettle Lakes is difficult.  This grant will develop greater capacity to learn how to use these and other assets to become more successful in communication, outreach and education.


Water Walkers

Amount: $13,500

Project Title: Developing Communications Tools for Water Walkers in Western New York

Project Description: Water Walkers walk to bring awareness to protect the waters from nuclear waste, fracking, contamination, and pollution.  Each step taken on these walks is a meditative prayer for protection of Mother Earth, and the humans, animals, birds, fish, and planet life that depend on the waters.  This effort has not had a database or website to date, and this project will help with coordination and communication by providing these tools.  This project will provide the communications tools needed to continue coordination and growth of this important tradition.  The website will help ensure the information and participants can be transferred to a new generation of water walkers.


Wisdom Institute

Amount: $14,000

Project Title: Passing the Torch, Preserving the Flame

Project Description: Wisdom Institute developed a communications strategy to support the adaptation and execution of their Womanist Praxis theory of change by an informal network of women ministry and spirituality that is currently being formalized as a wise Women’s circle. At least ten elder Black women from the network will be trained and deployed as Ambassadors on water policy in Detroit and at least two will serve as members of a Water council established by We the People of Detroit.

Great Lakes Network

Great Lakes Ecoregion Network

Amount: $2,500

Project Title: Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement submissions and public meetings/consultation

Project Description: The components of this project are:  1) prepare a report on the revised Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement,  2) Organize regional zoom meetings to collect additional public comment for the report, 3) Arrange and host in-person meetings at the Canada-U.S. Public Forum in Niagara Falls in September as required.  4) Marketing support for the above.

Special Opportunity Grants

Benton Harbor Water Council

Amount: $4,000

Project Title: Water Delivery Costs for Benton Harbor

Project Description: The grant will help with costs that are not being covered by the State of Michigan for delivering water door to door in the City.


Evergreen Community Development Initiative

Amount: $12,104

Project Title: Lab Equipment

Project Description: Purchase of scientific equipment for the Flint Community Water Lab.


Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation

Amount: $500

Project Title: Transportation to Zoning Board Meeting

Project Description: Funds will be used to provide bus transportation to a zoning board meeting for elderly community members to comment on an asphalt mixing site in Northwest Detroit.



Amount: $750

Project Title: Support for Fond du Lac Band objection to Mining Federal Permit

Project Description: The upcoming Clean Water Act objection process is the first time that any tribe has exercised the right to object to a federal permit as a “downstream state”.  A successful outcome is critical to protect environment health and water quality in the Lake Superior Basin as well as to set precedent for tribal rights and sovereignty. 


Benton Harbor Water Council

Amount: $3,000

Project Title: Water Distribution

Project Description: The Benton Harbor Water Council will provide door to door water distribution of water provided by the state of Michigan.