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Interactive Grant Map for the Great Lakes Region


*Access a full-screen version of the map HERE. To use map:  Zoom in and click on any of the dots for more details about community action.  To see the entire legend by grant type, click on the chevron in the upper left-hand corner to expand map details. If there are multiple grants in a single location, you will find an arrow in the top right corner of the grant detail window, along with the number of grants in the top left corner. Some grants have a link to their Success Story, which can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the grant detail window for your selected grant.

Freshwater Future’s impact over the years is both widespread and deep. Through our grant programs, we have awarded over 1,300 grants worth $5 million. Explore the map to see the locations and types of grants and see how communities all around the Great Lakes region are working to protect and restore our precious waters.

Thank you to our grant recipients, donors, and funders. Together, we are protecting our lakes, rivers, wetlands, drinking water, and shorelines for future generations.