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All About Water is a collaboration of community groups that works to further water policies by improving access, quality and affordability of water. Since 2017, the All About Water group has focused on improving water infrastructure and affordability, through regular calls and convenings to strategize, collaborate and create positive action on water issues.

What is All About Water? All About Water works with residents, groups and grassroot organizations to identify what their needs are in the community and help them translate that language for government officials and connect other groups with one another to further aid in experience or resources with the purpose of helping our groups gain more understanding in the processes occurring in their area of work and how they can apply the most meaningful impact within those processes.

Fall 2023 All About Water Convening

Join community water leaders from around the Great Lakes to learn from their experiences addressing challenges such as lead, toxic algae, and forever chemicals known as PFAS. The program also highlights innovative ways that communities can keep water affordable.

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Spring 2023 All About Water Convening

Experts will discuss the dynamics of SRF funding opportunities from diverse perspectives to ensure you have all the information, tips, and tools you need to help your community access this historic funding opportunity to upgrade drinking water systems and remove lead pipes.

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Summer 2022 All About Water Convening

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