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Current Action Alerts

Take the Water Affordability Pledge

In order to develop policies that address the crisis of residential water service becoming unaffordable for more than one-third of homes in the country, individuals and groups in communities with high water rates came together to create a set of consensus principles. The pledge below is based on the principles that community members wish to see in developing water affordability policies.

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Find out more about your state's public comment period for drinking water funding.

State Revolving Funds - Great Lakes States Resources

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Spread the Word: Increased Assistance for Water Bills Available for Michigan Households!

JAN, 2023 - Low-Income Michigan Households could now be eligible for up to $1,500 in assistance! This maximum can also be expanded if an eligible resident has water debt greater than $1,500. Community Action Agencies (CAA) across the state are administering this program – reach out to yours today to sign up. If you know of people in other states who need help securing this assistance, email us at:

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