Grant Programs

The mission of Freshwater Future is to foster and support a vital, effective grassroots sector working locally to protect aquatic habitats throughout the Great Lakes Basin. Freshwater Future provides financial resources, shares information, and fosters communication between citizens and organizations working to protect aquatic habitats. The Freshwater Future grants program is designed to increase the ability of grassroots groups and individuals to succeed in advocacy projects to protect rivers, lakes, and wetlands in their areas. Advocacy work, as defined here, involves local community members actively promoting aquatic habitat protection by influencing community and/or individual behavior or opinion, corporate conduct, and/or public policy.

Freshwater Future has four grants programs designed to further this goal. Each addresses a different need of grassroots activists. For some of the grant programs below, organization must meet eligibility requirements. These are listed in the Request for Proposals. Click Here to determine your eligibility.

Project Grant Program

Provides funding to grassroots organizations engaging in advocacy activities to protect local lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Climate Grant Program

Provides funding for projects that engage local communities in on-the-ground activities and decision-making that take climate change impacts into account.  There is currently no pending deadline for Climate Grants.  Stay tuned for future opportunities.

Insight Services Grant Program

Provides funding for scholarships toward Freshwater Future's professional services in organizational development and strategy assistance.

Special Opportunity Grant Program

Offers emergency funding for grassroots projects.

Healing Our Waters (HOW) Grant Program

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes (HOW) Coalition is teaming up with Freshwater Future to help local groups in the Great Lakes region obtain and use funds from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) and other federal sources by providing grant to assist with capacity needs.

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