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Communications Grantees — Workshops Hosted by Midstory

Website Design Workshop

Hosted on June 15th

The world is increasingly going digital and analog
interactions are being limited, especially because of the
pandemic. Thus, website infrastructure and design are
crucial to the success of any business/organization. Today,
there is an overabundance of simple website builders and
hosts/servers and it can be confusing to select the right
choice for an organization. While templates exist as well,
organizations often have a hard time implementing and
maintaining website infrastructure and design that is
optimized to support messaging.

Social Media Workshop

Hosted on June 8th

Today, communication is all about social media. And every
platform has different best practices, different audiences
and different metrics. How can you manage all at once, and
how can you create social media content that can be
adapted easily across all platforms? Finally, how do you
know what’s working on social media, and how can you read
the metrics? What can you learn, and how can you better
target your message?

Interviewing Workshop

Hosted on May 25th

Whether you are being interviewed as an authoritative voice on a certain topic, or you are the one interviewing others for research, content or a project, we present best practices and tips to make the process smooth and ensure that your organization’s mission comes across without sounding like a “talking head.” For example, telling specific stories that illustrate your point rather than just speaking for something in general.

Digital Storytelling Workshop

Hosted on May 18th

Good communication is all about storytelling. Today, most audiences — especially younger audiences — see through traditional marketing and targeted advertisements/advocacy. How do we tell our story in an engaging, content-based way that helps viewers to see your value in a matter of seconds?