Youth Water Testing Program

Youth Water Testing Program

Community Based Water Testing

After all Flint has endured, we know too many residents still feel that they don’t have a trustworthy source of information about the safety of their tap water. That’s why Freshwater Future has partnered with local organizations to launch the Youth Water Testing Program. We train local teens on proper sample collection methods and transport them throughout the city to collect tap water samples for testing.

We want residents to know exactly how much lead is in their tap water, both with AND without the use of a filter. We want them to know how effective those filters are, how to use them properly, and when and how to replace them. Most importantly, we want residents to trust that the information they’re getting is accurate. That’s why this testing program is locally run, not-for-profit, and completely free to residents.

Rebuilding trust in Flint’s water system will take time, and it starts with this kind of independent water quality testing and community outreach. We plan to expand our operations by building our own, in-house community testing lab based right here in Flint.

Things to Know

How much does testing cost?

Our lead, copper, and manganese test is absolutely free to all Flint residents.

Which testing lab is used?

The University of Michigan’s Biological Station in Pellston, Michigan. Although we’re currently in the early stages of building our own lab facility in Flint.

How long will it take to receive my test results? 

Results will be delivered to you within 8 weeks of the sample date.

In the News

7/24/18 NBC News — Teens collect water samples in Flint, build trust with residents

7/29/18 Michigan Radio — Flint teens become water testers

8/3/18 The Renewal Project — Born out of crisis: Flint is training its teens to be water testers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the lab state certified? 

No. But our lab uses the same techniques and best practices as a state-certified lab.

Can I use the results for a legal claim?


Can I be connected to a certified lab if needed? 


Should I use a water filter?

Yes, especially as the city continues to replace lead service lines.

Our Partners

Flint Development Center

The Mission of the Flint Development Group is to provide facilities where the residents of Flint and Genesee County can safely engage in recreational, social, educational, cultural, community service, civic, and governmental activities. Find out more.

University of Michigan Biological Station

The core mission of the University of Michigan Biological Station is to advance environmental field research, engage students in scientific discovery using ecosystems and their organismal constituents as objects of study, and provide information needed to better understand and sustain natural systems at local through global scales. Find out more.

Genesee County Hispanic and Latino Collaborative

To Collaborative exists to advocate for the Hispanic-Latino populations in Genesee County in the areas of education, cultural awareness and social needs. Find out more.

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