Geoff Peach

Geoff Peach

“The Coastal Centre.” These words replaced the traditional hello when calling Geoff Peach at the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation, a greeting that was always accompanied by a smile from a man living his passion. Having grown up on the Lake Huron shore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Geoff grew up to be the voice of the coast itself. After working for all three Conservation Authorities with jurisdiction along the Lake Huron shore, Geoff co-founded the Coastal Centre where he worked as the Coastal Resources Manager and Coastal Science & Stewardship Advisor until 2017

Geoff spent his life sharing his passion for coastal science with those who lived and played along the Lake Huron shore. He taught coastal municipalities about how the shore worked, and showed them how to better manage their beaches and coastal wetlands. He designed new programs to engage residents in coastal stewardship, and teach local students about healthy beaches. But it wasn’t just about what Geoff did for the Lake Huron shore, it was about the natural talent and energy he brought to the work. He made caring for the coast contagious.

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