Freshwater Future Weekly News: May 3, 2024

This Week: Register for Freshwater Future’s May Mindfulness and Movement Monthly Wellness Session; Celebrate National Drinking Water Week - May 5-11; Protect our Waters from Microplastics; Fighting Privatization and Commodification: The Future of Water Act is Public!
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Register for Freshwater Future’s May Mindfulness and Movement Monthly Wellness Session!

The April Mindfulness & Movement Session received phenomenal reviews! Join us this month, on May 23rd at 11:30 am ET to learn and practice proven methods to reduce stress and help you re-energize to continue your water work. Our facilitator, Jonathan Relucio, is a skilled practitioner of trauma-informed mindfulness, yoga, and meditation with over 20 years of experience advocating for social justice.  

Celebrate National Drinking Water Week – May 5-11 

 How will you celebrate National Drinking Water Week? The following three stories suggest ways to appreciate drinking water in the coming week:

  • Learn about and reduce microplastics (See below),Stay informed about keeping water accessible and affordable,Recognize the achievements of the Flint Community Lab andWith a refreshing glass of cold, clean water, we say Cheers! 

Protect our Waters from Microplastics!

Research found that 86% of Great Lakes litter is plastic. Reducing plastic production is a key component, and countries are exploring restrictions to reduce production by 40 percent in 15-years. You can help reduce plastic consumption by bringing reusable bags to the store, using glass storage containers for leftovers, and bringing your own cup to your favorite coffee shop. An incredible team of digital art students at Bowling Green University developed a short public service announcement for Freshwater Future about how our daily routines can cause microplastic pollution to end up in our waters.  Thank you so much to our student team at Bowling Green and Professor Bonnie Mitchell!

Fighting Privatization and Commodification: The Future of Water Act is Public!

California has the world’s first and nation’s only water futures market allowing the trading of water rights as a commodity similar to oil or gold markets. The recently reintroduced Future of Water Act aims to stop this practice that threatens to inflate water prices. This bill comes at a time when national pressure to privatize our public water systems is also bearing down on our communities. Sign this petition to demand that water remain in public hands and read more about the fight against privatization and commodification in our blog!