Freshwater Future Weekly: July 8, 2022

This Week: Is Your Water Utility Participating in LIHWAP?; Update on Detroit’s Lifeline and Water Affordability Plan; Voice Builder Grant Highlight: Kettle Lakes Association; Recording on Accessing State Revolving Funds for Communities Available; July is Lake Appreciation Month!
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Is Your Water Utility Participating in LIHWAP?

For the first time, Congress has funded a low-income water assistance program as a temporary COVID-19 relief measure that distributed $1.1 billion to state governments. The Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) allotted $36 million to Michigan. However, of Michigan’s nearly 1,400 utilities, less than 300 have opted into LIHWAP funding. Non-participating water utilities need to hear from local residents that water is a basic human right and that this opportunity benefits all stakeholders. Ask your local government, public water utility, or private water utility to be a LIHWAP partner with the local community action agency and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services today. For more information on LIHWAP including resources for other Great Lakes states, click HERE.

Update on Detroit’s Lifeline and Water Affordability Plan

Last week, we shared that the City of Detroit released a new Detroit Lifeline and Water Affordability Plan that may indicate progress, but the details of the plan were not released.  A week later, the details of the plan have still not been released.  We the People of Detroit and several organizations known as Detroit’s Mother Movement, held a press conference on Thursday demanding transparency. “We cannot, in good faith to our community, support a water affordability plan that has not been reviewed and vetted by the community it is meant to serve,” said Monica Lewis-Patrick, President and CEO of We The People of Detroit. Read more about the press conference HERE.

Voice Builder Grant Highlight: Kettle Lakes Association

This week, we highlight Kettle Lakes Association, a current grantee of Freshwater Future, that has been doing incredible advocacy work in the Cortland and Onondaga counties of New York.  Freshwater Future is working alongside Kettle Lakes Association to develop greater capacity by learning to use and manage their new and existing technology including a website, ArcGIS survey and mapping tools, and an integrated database to become more successful in communication, outreach and education.

Recording on Accessing State Revolving Funds for Communities Available

If you missed our All About Water Convening in late June, you can watch the recording here. Go to Freshwater Future’s website to find out more about our speakers and fantastic resources.

July is Lake Appreciation Month!

Did you know that July is considered a month-long celebration of our treasured lakes? This month as you get out on the water and enjoy swimming, fishing, paddling, and boating, Freshwater Future hopes you also take time to show your love of the lakes by learning more and taking action to protect and restore our vital water resources so they are clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.