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Mission To ensure the healthy future of our waters in the Great Lakes region.   Vision A strong and effective environmental community working to protect and restore the Great Lakes and its many waters by involving residents in civic decision-making. This community will be coordinated among citizens, community groups, state/provincial,


  • "Just like when you teach a child to recognize things, first you teach it different types of cars, then it starts t…
  • The study addresses chemicals known as PFOA and PFOS that are contaminating water systems nationwide, including in…
  • Last chance to have your voice heard before the Michigan House votes today.
  • #PriortizeFreshWater because 80% of Ontarians get their drinking water from the #GreatLakes and their groundwater,…
  • If approved, MI Senate Bill 839 will allow mining companies to expand their operations below-ground with just a thu…

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