Trump’s Proposed 2020 Budget Includes Significant Cuts to the GLRI, EPA, and Research  

Posted on March 29, 2019 by

President Donald Trump recently announced his proposed budget for the 2020 fiscal year. The budget includes dramatic cuts to many dependable social programs like the SNAP Program, Housing and Urban Development, and Medicaid. Some of the most substantial cuts are to many critical environmental programs for toxic waste removal, EPA oversight, and most notably the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative(GLRI). Trump’s proposed budget would cut the GLRI fund down to 30 million from 300 million, a near 90% cut to Great Lakes restoration initiatives. The EPA’s funding is cut by 31%, this can lead to agency downsizing, and loss of necessary research, and community support grants. These cuts undermine the need for protecting our environment and natural resources. At a time where we face rapid changes in our climate, threats to our drinking water, and crumbling infrastrastructure, these cuts stand to harm Americans both in and outside the Great Lakes Region. Read More.  


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