Line 5 is getting a second look, this time from the Constitution.

Posted on May 23, 2019 by

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has to answer an important question, is the lame-duck law PA 359, that preserves Enbridge Energy’s Line 5 operation, constitutional? According to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the 6-year term limits outlined in PA 359, go against the Michigan constitution that limits terms of office for any board or commission to four years. Environmental groups, like For the Love Of Water and the National Wildlife Federation, point out other flaws in the statute. Comments submitted to the attorney general’s office can be found here and an official response on line 5 should be revealed in the “next couple of weeks”.

The Attorney General’s Office is under the public eye for another water issue this week, after firing Special Assistant Attorney General Noah Hall after he suggested a review of the Attorney General’s Office for potential wrongdoing in the Flint, Michigan case. He told Michigan Radio that an administrative consent order, signed by the Attorney General’s Office was “loaded with fraud” and was fired shortly after. His replacement on the Flint case, Assistant Attorney General Richard Kuhl,  has counseled for the plaintiff on a separate Flint legal case, raising the question, can one represent both a plaintiff and defendant of separate legal cases on the same issue.  


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