Freshwater Weekly: October 25, 2019

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October 25, 2019

This week:  U.S. EPA Releases Great Lakes Restoration Action Plan 3 + Water Affordability Discussed at All About Water Convening + Perch Supply Short in Wisconsin + Surfs Up on the Great Lakes

U.S. EPA Releases Great Lakes Restoration Action Plan 3 

Released on Tuesday, the Great Lakes Restoration Action Plan 3 contains federal restoration priorities to clean up toxic pollution, prevent and control invasive species like Asian carp, reduce polluted runoff from cities and farms, and restore fish and wildlife habitat.  The Action Plan will only be effective if it is backed by adequate financial resources for implementation.  Recent weakening of federal regulations such as the Clean Water Rule by the Trump Administration contradict the priority actions identified in the plan.

Water Affordability Discussed at All About Water Convening

Community leaders, Reverend Pinckney, Jeff Benson,and Brandon Tyus participated in the All About Water convening.

Over 100 people gathered in Flint on Wednesday to discuss threats to drinking water from lead, toxic algae, and PFAS and the impacts on water affordability. This is the third All About Water meeting sponsored by Freshwater Future to bring together community leaders, environmental organizations, and funders to learn and foster collaboration.

Perch Supply Short in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Friday night fish-fries, may not be featuring local lake perch in the near future.  Over-fishing, pollution, and invasive species such as sea lamprey have dramatically lowered perch populations.  According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources an assessment of the perch population captured only a few fish over several days.

Surfs Up on the Great Lakes

Monday’s gale force winds caused flooding and damage all around Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron.  Not everyone was disappointed by the windy weather. Brave surfers were found on both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan playing in the waves.  More intense wind storms are increasing in frequency, likely as a result of climate change.

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