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November 22, 2019

This week:  Water Infrastructure Investments Payoff + Wisconsin Proposes PFAS Standards + Boat Noise Damages Fish Hearing + Drinking Water Crisis Topic of New Book +Update from Recent News

Water Infrastructure Investments Payoff

Investing in water infrastructure, such as piping for drinking water and wastewater, as well as stormwater, has high dividends according to a report released by Environmental Entrepreneurs.  Michigan lags behind other states in water infrastructure investments.  The report estimates if Michigan invested $12 billion over the next two decades it would create 90,000 direct job-years and over $40 million in earned income for state residents.

Wisconsin Proposes PFAS Standards

Wisconsin’s Governor proposed adding PFAS standards for drinking, ground, and surface waters. The toxic chemicals called PFAS are used in many products nonstick cookware, food packaging, stain and water repellents, and fire-fighting materials.  Unfortunately, they are being found in drinking water supplies around the country. Several Great Lakes states are proposing standards for these harmful chemicals including New York and Michigan.

Boat Noise Damages Fish Hearing

A study by University of Windsor found that black bullhead fish are impacted by boat noise.  Lab studies found the bullheads are changing behavior and losing hearing ability.  Scientists worry that boat noise may be harming fish spawning.

Drinking Water Crisis Topic of New Book

A new book authored by Seth Siegel dives into the problems America is facing in regards to drinking water contamination.  Water contamination can be overwhelming, but Siegel states in an interview that, “we can fix the problem with existing technology and at (an) affordable price.”

Update from Recent News:

Detroit Demolition Bond Voted Down 6-3 after Scathing Audit Report

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