Freshwater Weekly: January 2nd, 2020

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December 26, 2019

This week:  Green Liquid Found Oozing onto Detroit Highway + Hundreds Attend PFAS Meeting in Marinette, WI with Attorney General + Earthquakes under Lake Erie + Snow on the Ground Required to Tell these Ojibwe Tales + Photos Capture Power of Great Lakes Waves

Cancer-Causing Green Liquid Found Oozing onto Detroit Highway

A green liquid, hexavalent chromium leaked from a basement of an industry onto a major highway in Detroit last Friday.  The discovery was found in time to prevent it from reaching Lake St. Clair, but it will take days to clean up the chemical in the business and drains.  Hexavalent chromium causes cancer, and was the pollutant in the movie “Erin Brockovich.”

Hundreds Attend PFAS Meeting in Marinette, WI with Attorney General

A public meeting drew hundreds to learn more about Wisconsin’s Attorney General’s investigation into the contamination of drinking water with PFAS produced by Johnson Controls in Marinette.  Residents shared stories about the contamination.  Freshwater Future offers an in-home PFAS test kit (see below).

Earthquakes under Lake Erie

Lake Erie has been shaking.  Since December 7, there were three earthquakes under Lake Erie.  According to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, northeastern Ohio is considered a tectonically active zone.

Snow on the Ground Required to Tell these Ojibwe Tales

The long, dark days of winter are ideal for storytelling.  Ojibwe Culture considers storytelling an art and a way to share important teachings about the world.  Many of the stories feature woodland creatures and some require snow on the ground before they can be told.  This article in DL-Online has links to a few of these stories. 

Photos Capture Power of Great Lakes Waves

Dave Sandford braves the cold waters of Lake Erie in the winter to photograph the waves.  According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), waves can reach heights of 25 feet.  Sandford’s spectacular images capture the power of our inland seas.

Give the Gift of Clean Water

It’s not too late to give the gift of clean water with a gift membership to Freshwater Future.  We will send the gift recipient a card, set of note cards, and a Great Lakes sticker. Best of all, the gift membership supports our work to take on threats to our drinking water and finding solutions that give people the tools to advocate for clean water in their communities.

PFAS Test Kits – GIFT a KIT!
Freshwater Future believes everyone has a right to know what is in their drinking water, regardless of what’s in their wallets. We have partnered with the University of Michigan Biological Station and other donors to offer PFAS testing for homes on private wells at reduced rates. You can help make our kits even more accessible by selecting Gift a Kit at check out. We’ll use your donation to send a kit to someone else as part of our “Pay What You Can Program”. Get (or gift) your test kits today!


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