Freshwater Weekly: February 22, 2020

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February 22, 2020

This week:  No Funds in Budget to Stop Asian Carp  + Ohio EPA agrees to  Pollution Limits for Western Lake Erie + Benton Harbor Community Water Council Partners with the City to Solve Lead Issue  + Ice Cover on Great Lakes Low + States Seek Limits on Water Bottling Industry

No Funds in Budget to Stop Asian Carp

Millions of federal dollars are missing in Trump’s budget to install barriers to prevent Asian carp after he promised funding at a January event in Michigan. Funding the implementation of the US Army Corps of Engineers plans for the Brandon Lock Dam is needed to close off this entryway for Asian carp to Lake Michigan.

Ohio EPA Agrees to Pollution Limits for Western Lake Erie

After more than 5 years since Toledo’s 2014 algae-driven water crisis left residents unable to use their water for days, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward with pollution limits called Total Max Daily Load (TDML) aimed at reducing toxic algal blooms.  The pollution limits serve as a pollution diet and are designed to track the specific sources of runoff and hold polluters accountable.  Agriculture is the primary source of nutrient pollution, primarily phosphorus that feeds the harmful algal blooms in Western Lake Erie.

Benton Harbor Community Water Council Partners with The City to Solve Lead Issue

The Benton Harbor Community Water Council recently met with local and state representatives to discuss creative solutions to increase the quality of service to community members facing lead contamination problems. Freshwater Future staff members were on-hand to support and assist with efforts to address drinking water issues.

Ice Cover on Great Lakes Low

The Great Lakes region has experienced a warmer than average winter this season and as a result, ice coverage is at about 15%, down from the average of 55%.  Satellite images from this year, last winter, and 2013-2014 show the extreme differences.

States Seek Limits on Water Bottling Industry

Concerns about water bottling companies depleting groundwater led Washington State legislators to seek regulations that ban the bottled water industry from using groundwater.  Other states, including Michigan and Maine, are considering regulations that increase fees for extraction and licensing.

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