Freshwater Weekly: August 29th, 2019

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August 29th, 2019

This week:  Johnson Controls Allocates $140 Million for PFAS Clean-Up + Lake Erie Flooding in the Chatham-Kent, Ontario Area + Five Tribes Consider Legal Options to Decommission Line 5

Johnson Controls Allocates $140 Million for PFAS Clean-Up

Clean-up funds to address the pollution of groundwater from fire fighting foamsby Tyco Fire Products in Marinette, Wisconsin was reported by Johnson Controls, the parent company of Tyco.  PFAS are chemicals also used in a number of products that repel oil, water, and stains such as non-stick cookware.  Over 400 military bases have water contaminated from PFAS mostly connected to the use of fire fighting foams. Health impacts from the chemicals include kidney effects, reproductive issues and reduced immune strength.  Currently, there are no federal drinking water standards for these chemicals.

Lake Erie Flooding in the Chatham-Kent, Ontario Area

High water levels and strong winds flooded dozens of homes in the Chatham-Kent, Ontario area of Lake Erie on the northwest shore.  The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority has issued a flood warning through Monday due to weather forecast of sustained high winds.  The current high water levels of the Great Lakes amplifies the urgency for adopting plans and strategies to adapt to changing climate conditions.

Five Tribes Consider Legal Options to Decommission Line 5

Five tribes with fishing rights in the Straits of Mackinac are considering legal options if Michigan’s Attorney General is unsuccessful in decommissioning the 66 year old oil and gas pipeline.  The Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority–comprised of the five tribes–have a guaranteed right to fish in the Great Lakes based on an 1836 treaty with the federal government.  Video monitoring of the pipeline shows long spans of unsupported pipeline without adequate anchors as well as denting from a tug boat hit.

Concerned Your Well Might Contain PFAS?  Low-Cost Screening Available

Freshwater Future believes everyone has a right to know what is in their drinking water, regardless of what’s in their wallets. We have partnered with the University of Michigan Biological Station and other donors to offer PFAS testing for homes on private wells at reduced rates. You can help make our kits even more accessible by selecting Gift a Kit at check out. We’ll use your donation to send a kit to someone else as part of our “Pay What You Can Program”. Get (or gift) your test kits today!

August 31, 2019
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