Freshwater Future Webinar Series 2018

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Freshwater Future is pleased to announce the following webinars. We are here to help you achieve your mission – so sign up today!

Want to be a 501(c)3? We can help!
Maybe it has been a month, maybe it has been years, either way, your organization feels like you are ready to take the next step – officially becoming a 501(c)3. Freshwater Future is here to help walk you through the steps to ease the process of dealing with lengthy legal paperwork.
Tuesday, October 23 at 12pm EST
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Developing Winning Approaches
Working hard to help protect or restore our Great Lakes resources? Do you know what you want to accomplish but feel like there are a million things to do? Are you unsure which pieces of the puzzle will have greatest impact? Freshwater Future will present strategies to make sure your group members are all on the same page and help you ensure you are targeting the right audience with the right action to get the result you want. By the end, you’ll have clarity on how and when to use your financial, volunteer and other resources in a way that has the biggest impact towards achieving your mission. The best part is, you’ll know how to apply this approach to your future work and increase the effectiveness of your organization.
Friday, October 26, 10 am EST
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Learn how to be more effective by using Bullet Journaling
Do you sometimes struggle being effective in communicating your goals or organizing your day? We can help you become more efficient and a better communicator through the use of Bullet Journaling. Learning how to use this tool will help empower your efforts to be even more effective. This webinar will help guide you through a way to set up your own Bullet Journal – pretty visuals not required!
Thursday, November 1 at 2pm EST
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Grant Writing & Reporting for the Funder
Learn the basis for successful grant writing. Writing to the funder whether it is a letter of intent or a statement of purpose can be rather time consuming and intimidating. Not to mention the reporting thereafter. In this webinar, we will examine the method of writing to the funders request and adhering to your needs as an organization. This is an introduction to grant writing and reporting for nonprofits. Information in this webinar are geared to individuals with limited grant writing experience. This is a two part series – the first course will go over Grant Writing and the second will go over Grant Reporting. You have the ability to sign up for just one, or for both.
Tuesday, November 6, 2pm EST – Grant Writing for the Funder
Tuesday, November 13, 2pm EST – Grant Reporting for the Funder
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