Freshwater Future Announces Project Grant Recipients – Spring 2021 Cycle

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This spring, Freshwater Future has awarded five groups with Project Grants to provide financial assistance for projects that promote water protection. These grants range from $500 to $5,000 and were awarded to community groups working to promote river, lake, shoreline, wetland, groundwater, and drinking water protection within the Great Lakes Basin. Listed are our five awarded projects and a description of their efforts.

Protect Niagara Escarpment & Headwaters of Pretty River

Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation received $2,000 to join in the fight to keep a summer-only road from becoming a year-round road in Ontario, Canada. To represent the Watershed Trust at the Niagara Escarpment Hearing Office, they are hiring environmental, fisheries, and engineering consultants, as well as organizing a publicity campaign to highlight the threat to the wetlands in the road corridor and the threat to the fisheries in the Pretty River.

Saving Rare Lake Michigan Dunes and Wetlands from a Golf Course Development

The Friends of the Black River Forest was awarded $3,000 to support their ongoing legal action to protect both the Lake Michigan shoreline and the Black River from the development of a private golf course which would be located in Wilson, Wisconsin.

Protecting Groundwater & Communities: The Grassroots Push for an Aggregate Moratorium

$3,000 was awarded to the Wellington Water Watchers, who are located in Guelph, Ontario. The Wellington Water Watchers are collaborating with five grassroots groups, focusing on the impacts of aggregate to the rivers and aquifers that supply drinking water. To create both municipal and provincial pressure for a moratorium to be placed on the distribution of new permits taking water for aggregate operations, they are coordinating a public awareness campaign. This moratorium would allow for current regulations to be reviewed and improved to better protect drinking water.

Reverse the PolyMet Water Permit

To WaterLegacy, Freshwater Future awarded $4,500 to help with securing a reversal of the PolyMet water pollution permit in the Minnesota Court of Appeals. This permit was issued by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in 2018 and Freshwater Future has been pleased to support WaterLegacy in their advocacy, investigation, and litigation along the way.

Grassroots Citizen Advocacy at Michigan Hydropower Projects

To assist in advocacy efforts driven by the Michigan Hydro Relicensing Coalition, Freshwater Future has awarded $4,500 to Grassroots Citizen Advocacy. With three additional hydropower projects seeking re-licensing, one pursuing license surrender, the enforcement of a settlement agreement, and emerging hydropower issues related to water quality, license termination, and dam safety, this advocacy will help to ensure that citizen conservationists’ interests are given full consideration by resource agencies and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


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