Dear White People

Posted on June 11, 2020 by
by Brandon Tyus, Freshwater Future Policy and Community Program Associate

 I grit my teeth beneath the heat

A different face but the theme is on repeat

See my shade as the voice of the deceased

Hearts and heads that suffer silently

As we see the guilty cop plea or accessories set free living life “la da dee”

While the only moment we see as set free is coupled with a contingency…

I can’t breathe…please

We ease through by appeasing you

And the worse truth

It’s harder for us to like the people who look just like you

Cuz of that feeling.. Whooo

Entreating memories unleashed to teach

Click clack, no question, boom boom boom

Because of how we reached

Our teachers discrete blood on streets

Making known what we want gone is alive and strong

It just seems new because of recorded phones

Times have changed, we read AND we speak

Distinct, with inked skin with red blood we still kin

There is no real end til equality sets in—to enough equity to make friends

Behind color lies suffer

Defined pain

A crying mother

A revolving cycle drops another

Though stained with pain you arranged in order to tame we’re starting to outmaneuver

Until the time comes that we do recover and conquer
Racism, the killer of color



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Images courtesy of Steven Huyser-Honig,
West Grand Boulevard Collaborative, & Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.