Affordable Water for All

Affordable Water for All

In 2016, more than 15 million Americans, or 1 out of every 20 households, had their water shut off due to being unable to pay their water bill. Pre-COVID, it was estimated that by the end of 2022, more than a third of households across the nation will not be able to pay their water bill. 

Unfortunately when families cannot pay their water bills, in most parts of the country, their water is shut-off. Shutting off water to residents in communities is a public health issue that can spread diseases and viruses like COVID-19. Henry Ford Global Health Initiative found that patients who live on blocks that experienced water shutoffs were 1.55 times more likely to be diagnosed with a water-associated illness, not to mention the mental health stress that comes along with a lack of running tap water. 

Freshwater Future, along with our partners throughout the Great Lakes region and across the country, is dedicated to making water affordable for everyone.

Click here to o be a part of movement and sign the water affordability pledge.

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