PFAS Test and Response Kit

PFAS Test and Response Kit

Water test kit


Why Get a Test Kit?

PFAS (pronounced p-fahs), are Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl substances that have collectively emerged as one of the biggest environmental threats facing the Great Lakes region. They are a part of a man-made family of chemicals that repel oil and water, and have been used since the 1940’s for uses such as nonstick cookware, fire retardants, and even food wrappers.  Scientific studies suggest exposure to PFAS in water and food can increase the risk of cancer and have other harmful health effects. Michigan is currently testing more than 1,400 sources of public water supplies across the state. This list is updated as additional water supplies tested. However, no state-funded testing for private wells is planned at this time.

People deserve to know the quality of their drinking water. Freshwater Future and the University of Michigan Biological Station are offering residents a low-cost PFAS test to be able to make decisions about their water source based on the results.

Need help collecting your sample? Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to properly use your test kit!

About Our Test Kits

Cost: $75 (for all residents, including Canada).
*Covers the cost of initial shipping, kit materials, and analysis. Does not include return shipping label.

* The use of these kits are intended to assist in residential testing, and not for State and/or lab facilities.

Written Instructions for Collecting Drinking Water Sample for PFAS

Written Instructions for Collecting Surface Water Sample for PFAS



Frequent Q&A

Is the lab certified? No. The University of Michigan Biological Station’s lab is not certified for PFAS analysis. There are very few labs currently certified for PFAS testing in the country. 

Can I use the results for a legal claim? No. However, you can be connected to a certified lab to verify your results if you wish to make a legal claim.

Can I be connected to a private lab? We can provide information on other labs that are doing testing for PFAS in drinking water.

When will I get my test results? Your test results will be sent to you five to eight weeks after received at the lab.

What can I do if my water has PFAS? If PFAS are detected in your water sample, we will provide recommended next steps along with your results. 

What compounds are you looking for? You can find a list of the compounds we analyze here.


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