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More Information

For more information about the Lake Superior Success Story, ‘Backing Into a Big Culvert Project,’ please visit the Bad River Watershed Association on-line at:

For more information about the Lake Michigan Basin Success Story, ‘Using Big Box Ordinances and Stormwater Permits to Reduce Runoff from Large Retail Developments,’ please visit Midwest Environmental Advocates on-line at:

For more information about the Lake Huron Success Story, ‘Saving Lake Simcoe: Ladies of the Lake Bring a Community to Action,’ please visit the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition on-line at:

For more information about the Lake Erie Success Story, ‘Young Advocates Sow Rain Garden and Stormwater Awareness,’ please visit Earth Force on-line at

For more information about the Lake Ontario Success Story, ‘Getting to Know Your Rain,’ please visit the RiverSides Foundation on-line at:

More Grassroots Stormwater Projects: A number of Freshwater Future grantees are working on, or have worked on various stormwater projects throughout the Great Lakes basin. Search here for fellow advocates by key words such as: runoff, stormwater, rain gardens, low impact design etc.”

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