Quebec Proposes Pesticide Ban Ontario Environmental Groups Call on Province to Ban Lawn Pesticides

Quebec Proposes Pesticide Ban Ontario Environmental Groups Call on Province to Ban Lawn Pesticides

By: Linda Pim

Pesticide Free Ontario, a network of environmental groups, are calling on the Ontario government to follow the lead of the Province of Quebec and ban the cosmetic use of lawn and garden pesticides. The proposed ban, announced this morning by Quebec Environment Minister Andre Boisclair, would be effective immediately on public and municipal parks and around schools and daycare centers. In three years, the ban would extend to private property.

“We congratulate the Province of Quebec for placing the protection of human health above the protection of the interests of the pesticide industry,” says Janet May, coordinator of Pesticide Free Ontario.

The announcement follows a report from the Cousineau study group, which looked into the cosmetic use of pesticides in Quebec, and was released earlier this year. The report, released in March, supported adoption of the precautionary principle in order to protect the health of children and recommended a ban on lawn and garden pesticides on both public and private lands.

“Unlike the Province of Quebec, Ontario has been silent about the serious health and environmental problems caused by lawn and garden pesticides. We call on Environment Minister Chris Stockwell to follow Quebec’s lead.” says May.

“If the Province of Quebec can pass pesticide legislation, then what is holding up the City of Toronto?” says Rich Whate of the Toronto Environmental Alliance. “Toronto should immediately pass a pesticide by-law.”

For Further Information Contact:
Janet May 416 596-0660
Rich Whate 416 596-0660
Edith Smeesters,
Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (Quebec) 450 441-3899



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