The Preservation of 1400 Acre Edison Woods to be Decided by Erie County Voters in November

The Preservation of 1400 Acre Edison Woods to be Decided by Erie County Voters in November

by Friends of Wetlands

Edison Woods, one of the largest forests on the Ohio Lake Plain, is presently owned by FirstEnergy, the regional utility company in Akron, Ohio and currently used by Erie MetroParks. FirstEnergy will dispose of the property shortly. In the general election on November 7, Erie County voters will vote whether or not to authorize the Erie MetroParks’ acquisition of the 1400 acre property through a very small (0.4 mil) levy. This would cost the owner of a property valued for tax purposes at $100,000 less than $12.50, about one dollar a month in taxes per $100,000 in taxable value. The levy would run for a period of twenty years.

FirstEnergy has agreed to sell the site to the MetroParks for its appraised value of $4.5 million. Recognizing the special characteristics of the Edison Woods site, the State of Ohio has committed $750,000 of State Capital Improvements funds to partner with the citizens of Erie County on this specific project.

This is the only chance the park district will have to acquire this last great forest tract. No other available similarly sized tract of forest exists in northern Ohio. Park plans for this site include a large sledding hill, ice skating, hiking trails, a high hill scenic lookout from which one can see Lake Erie and Cedar Point, as well as other low-impact citizen use opportunities.

For more information please contact the Friends of Edison Woods at (419) 625-7136.


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