Matt Meersman

Matt Meersman

There aren’t many people in South Bend, Indiana who can tell you more about its watersheds than Matt, who envisions a future where our communities and governments are organized around water rather than other boundaries. Matt is an avid paddler whose passion for water started in childhood and continues to be intertwined with both his professional and personal life. He’s the Director of the St. Joseph River Basin Commission, president of the Friends of the St. Joe River Association, and founder of Two Rivers Coalition.

Matt, it seems, is everywhere. He moves effortlessly across boundaries to build consensus and community. As a proactive strategic thinker, he has a knack for figuring out how to bring people together to create the biggest impact on the rivers, lakes, and streams that he loves. His enthusiasm and idealism are infectious, and he brings the same dedication and tenacity to his work protecting watersheds as he does to his hobby of marathon canoeing.

Freshwater Future is proud to have helped Matt realize his vision for the Two Rivers Coalition and thrilled to recognize him as a Freshwater Hero.

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