Kathleen Heideman

Kathleen Heideman

Based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Kathleen has been defending clean water and wild places from the dangers of sulfide mining for years. And not just as an environmental activist—Kathleen’s stewardship and sense of place is evident in her paintings and her poetry, and she incorporates her experiences with water into media that are accessible to a much broader population.

She served as President of Save the Wild UP and is now an active member of the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition’s board and its Mining Action Group. In addition to her creative talents, Kathleen has a knack for sifting through dense permit documents to find inconsistencies and faults in information provided by mining companies, and she’s provided crucial oversight in Michigan Department of Environmental Quality permitting processes to ensure protection of wetlands and water bodies from destruction and degradation.

Freshwater Future is proud to have supported Save the Wild UP’s work on the Back Forty mine with grant funding, and proud to honor Kathleen as one of our Freshwater Heroes.

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