Lee Willbanks Citizen Advocate

Lee Willbanks Citizen Advocate

20801_FWF_March2016 PROOF_Page_4_Image_0004Who can fill a conference room with over 100 people from two countries, on a Saturday…in New York’s North Country…each and every February…to talk about a river? Lee Willbanks can.

He brings these people face to face with river champions that range from fourth graders sharing their experiences on the water, to leading scientific experts, to the policy makers involved in big decisions about the health of their cherished St. Lawrence.

In his dual roles as Executive Director of Save the River and Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper, Lee leads a small but mighty team dedicated to protecting the massive river that runs past the door of their home base in Clayton, NY.

From on-the-water monitoring and restoration efforts, to educating the next generation of river champions, to his persistent and passionate advocacy on complex policy issues like aquatic invasive species and regulation of water levels, you can trust that Lee is there, standing up for the St. Lawrence, each and every day.

Should you find yourself on the shores of the St. Lawrence wondering:Who is watching out for the river? Who is listening to the river? Who is providing a voice for the river?

Take comfort in knowing that Lee Willbanks is. For that, we are both lucky and grateful.

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