2016 Freshwater Voices, Issue One

2016 Freshwater Voices, Issue One

In this Issue:

This issue highlights extraordinary groups and individuals—our Freshwater Heroes—who have gone above and beyond to protect what they hold dear—our waters. Freshwater Future is honored to recognize these individuals and organizations with our Freshwater Hero awards. With the following articles and highlights we hope you enjoy learning about he efforts across the region, as well as gain inspiration to help us keep the Great Lakes region healthy.

Our Individual Roles in the Democratic Process

Freshwater Hero Awards:

Ontario Water Centre: Community Organization

Kristy Meyer: Past Freshwater Future Board Member and President

Deborah Dorsey: Past Freshwater Future Board Member

Nancy Staley : Freshwater Future Volunteer

Farms Not Factories: Community Organization

Lee Willbanks : Citizen Advocate

WaterLegacy: Community Organization

Bonnie Danni: Past Freshwater Future Staff and Board

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You Could Be the Next Freshwater Hero

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  • In summary: restore natural divide between the Mississippi River Basin and the Great Lakes to stop Asian carp https://t.co/nubppqwGRu
  • "Early environmentalists focused on preserving land...for people who could afford to travel to places like Yosemite."https://t.co/faf8MpsPKZ
  • Check out our take on Nestlé's controversial bottled-water operation in mid-Michigan https://t.co/A33MaEiq6m
  • Wisconsin State Budget Committee approved $3B Foxconn incentives package, Senate votes next, followed by Assembly https://t.co/AGhAgjTuj6
  • "Enbridge said there were only 'two, possibly three' spots that were about 3 inches" New report indicates otherwise https://t.co/F1nEn4dkaZ

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Images courtesy of Steven Huyser-Honig,
West Grand Boulevard Collaborative, & Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.