Residents – You May Be Eligible For Financial Assistance For Your Water Bill

Residents – You May Be Eligible For Financial Assistance For Your Water Bill

Are you or someone you know struggling to pay their water bill? You may be eligible to receive financial assistance. Most states are providing assistance to prevent water shut offs during COVID-19. Water is a human right, and water utility bills have in some cases skyrocketed, so we want to be sure residents have easy access to the programs that may be able to help.

To find information about residential water assistance programs in your area, check out one of these links:

IndianaWater Assistance Program (WAP)  

IllinoisUtility Bill Assistance

Michigan:  Contact local water department, Detroit residents call Wayne Metro at 313-386-9727.  Apply for State Emergency Relief (SER) or call 855-275-6424.

MinnesotaEnergy Assistance Program (Now Includes Water Assistance)

New YorkLow Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

PennsylvaniaWater Assistance Program/LIHWAP 

Ohio:  Check with your municipality or water system, or call 877-742-5622 to reach an Ohio Consumers Council employee who can help you locate assistance. Ohio Energy Assistance Programs: Apply Here for water bill program running through September 30, 2022. Call (800)282-0880 or 711.

WisconsinWisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) (Apply here or here – limited assistance, tied to ARP, or call 211 or 1-800-506-5596)


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