EPA PFAS Action Plan Released

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EPA PFAS Action Plan Released

At a press conference yesterday in Philadelphia, Andrew Wheeler, acting administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, released what he calls a “groundbreaking” action plan to respond to nations growing concern of the toxin group we call PFAS. The action plan, however, falls short of action and is far from groundbreaking. The plan is merely a promise to do more research into the scope and severity of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS. This not exactly the action 120,000 residents hoped for when they wrote to the EPA about this last spring. Scott Pruitt, the EPA administrator at the time, claimed he considered PFAS contamination “a national emergency” and promised to release an action plan by the end of 2018. Two months late and short of any enforceable regulations, the PFAS Action Plan is simply not enough. These toxic substances can be found in drinking water all over the country and, as the documentary “The Devil We Know” points out, in the blood of people all over the world. Learn more about PFAS and the Devil We Know.

Our Executive Director Jill Ryan released an op-ed on PFAS in December. Her work has since been published in the eBook: Resilience Matters: Strengthening Communities in an Era of Upheaval.

Freshwater Future will be holding a free screening of “The Devil We Know”, to include informational panels, at several locations throughout the Great Lakes Region. More info on our events page.


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