Ohio Policy and Legislation

Ohio Policy and Legislation

Last updated on July 19, 2017.

Ohio House Bills

House Bill No. 15 — February 1, 2017

This bill would credit a portion of the revenue derived from the kilowatt-hour tax to the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund, the Acid Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment Fund, and the Mine Safety Fund.

House Bill No. 29 — February 1, 2017

This bill would eliminate the law authorizing the maintenance of buffers around municipal water reservoirs by contiguous property owners.

House Bill No. 105 — March 2, 2017

This bill would limit the amount of revenue that may be credited to the Oil and Gas Well Fund and to allocate funds in excess of that amount to local governments, fire departments, and a grant program to encourage compressed natural gas as a motor vehicle fuel.

House Bill No. 225 — May 16, 2017

This bill would allow a landowner to report an idle and orphaned well or abandoned well, require the Chief of the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management to inspect and classify such a well, require the Chief to begin plugging a well classified as distressed-high priority within a specified time period, and authorize an income tax deduction for reimbursements paid by the state to a landowner for costs incurred to plug an idle or orphaned well.

House Bill No. 299 — June 28, 2017

This bill would enact the Lead Safety and Uniformity Act to provide that the state, acting through the Department of Health, has the sole and exclusive authority to compel, prohibit, license, or regulate lead abatement activities in Ohio.

Ohio Senate Bills

Senate Bill No. 31 — February 6, 2017

This bill would authorize a board of county commissioners or municipal legislative authority to elect to withdraw the county or municipal corporation from the application of any rule adopted by the Department of Health after January 1, 2014, that governs the design of household sewage treatment systems.

Senate Bill No. 50 — February 14, 2017

This bill would prohibit land application and deep well injection of brine, prohibit the conversion of wells, and eliminate the injection fee that is levied under the Oil and Gas Law.

Senate Bill No. 51 — February 14, 2017

This bill would authorize the creation of a special improvement district to facilitate Lake Erie shoreline improvement.

Senate Bill No. 53 — February 14, 2017

This bill would ban the taking or removal of oil or natural gas from and under the bed of Lake Erie.

Senate Bill No. 62 — February 14, 2017

This bill would require the Director of Agriculture to adopt rules establishing the Ohio Water Quality Improvement Program, to exempt land enrolled in the Program from taxation, and to reimburse local taxing units for revenue lost due to that exemption.

Senate Bill No. 112 — March 21, 2017

This bill would establish the green infrastructure fund.


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