Legislation and Policy Tracking

Legislation and Policy Tracking

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  • The deal will secure a safe, long-term water source, relieve city debt, and provide $750,000 to address the issue o… https://t.co/Wey878qLBz
  • "We've dumped in 1.65 billion gallons of sewage overflow [in Lake St. Clair],” Gutow said. "Forty percent of the po… https://t.co/9nhNKqceaC
  • But by late this century, residents near the Great Lakes can expect a shortened season of lake effect snow. Instead… https://t.co/JKfdhW7gPk
  • MI Legislature has voted to repeal protection against invasive species. Tell Governor Snyder to veto this bill here. https://t.co/LkEU0lVsXR
  • The report shows divers found 37 of the 48 anchor locations surveyed had calcareous deposits. The deposits, state o… https://t.co/h2cmYvraTG

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