Legislation and Policy Tracking

Legislation and Policy Tracking

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  • Michigan Governor Snyder's Renew Michigan plan would raise state landfill fees and generate $79 million each year f… https://t.co/myqnWxJz98
  • EPA chief Scott Pruitt announced Tuesday he would seek to bar the agency from relying on studies that don’t publicl… https://t.co/D9ZfbY86Q2
  • Kyle Powys Whyte is a Potawatomi environmental justice advocate, and an associate professor of philosophy and commu… https://t.co/5c3rCfo0jB
  • It's time to start investing in road salt alternatives https://t.co/Fz7JAhGQmP
  • Guest blogger and Ohio policy expert Adam Rissien explains what Ohio's designation of Lake Erie as "impaired" means… https://t.co/6KWrSQCVcS

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