Water Testing

Water Testing

How Do I Know My Water Is Safe?
The best way to defend your home from potential negative fracking impacts is to have good, credible information about your water quality before fracking occurs. If you live near active or potential fracking wells, our water testing program can give you the peace of mind of knowing your water is safe to drink. The program acts like insurance, so that if fracking does pollute your water, you’ll have proof to rectify your loss. Even if fracking is only being considered for your area, it is vitally important to get information before any activity begins. This baseline data can prove that your water was safe before fracking occurred.

How Can I Get My Water Tested?
Contact Ann Baughman to get started. Freshwater Future will help get your home’s drinking water tested through a certified lab, ensuring the information is credible. Your initial water test will be conducted by professionals, and then follow-up samples can be taken by trained program volunteers. If a follow-up test shows that pollution has occurred, another sample will be taken by a professional to ensure the information is accurate. Freshwater Future will be there to help you remedy your situation if your water becomes polluted.

What Is The Cost?
The cost to collect initial samples varies depending on how detailed you want the information to be, anywhere from $125 to $580, plus travel/time for professional sampling. Follow-up samples cost $50 per sample plus shipping. Depending on your budget, Freshwater Future can work with you to find additional funding to subsidize the costs for homeowners.

Let’s Do It!
Talk to our staff to get more details and specific cost information. We can help guide you through the process and get you going. Please contact Ann Baughman to get started.

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