Drinking Water Infrastructure

Drinking Water Infrastructure

What is the problem?

Water is a basic necessity of life.  Here in the Great Lakes region, is seems like water is everywhere–in the form of big lakes,  rivers, inland lakes, and flowing from our taps.  But is the water we use for our drinking water supplies all safe?

The sad news is that our drinking water sources are not always safe.  Throughout the Great Lakes there are many threats, like industrial and agricultural activities, that impact our water every day.  More recently, failing water infrastructure is resulting in unsafe water and affordability problems.

As one of the most water rich places in the world, we believe everyone deserves safe drinking water.  Freshwater Future is finding ways to ensure our water stays safe for our 40 million residents who rely on the Great Lakes for their water.

What is Freshwater Future doing?

All About Water Meeting

Nearly 100 people gathered together in February to learn and discuss the challenges to improve the safety, affordability, and efficiency of water treatment and distributions systems.  The Steering Committee that organized the meeting are planning future opportunities to take the conversations and strategies to the next step.  Contact Hilliard Hampton, at hillard(at)freshwaterfuture.org for more information.

Water Infrastructure Grants Program (Flint and Detroit focus)

-Small grants for on-the-ground projects related to urban water issues, especially around topics at the All About Water meeting, such as: water affordability, water and health issues, and infrastructure.  Example activities might include convening further conversations, next steps in larger projects, etc.
-We want to make this easy, so start the application process with a phone conversation and then we will draft a “proposal” and send it to the applicant for review and edits, and when we agree on the outcomes and activities, the project will be funded as long as there is money.
-The grants will be small, in the $1,000-2,000 range.
-Reporting will be needed for the grants, but we want to make that easy as well.


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