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Social media is growing in impact on decision-makers and is an important tool to influence Congress. It is a fast way to reach your elected officials. Congressional staff monitor mentions from constituents and your comments using social media can spread quickly – even become viral. By filling out the form below, you can post Facebook and Twitter messages to join our movement and influence your Members of Congress on this important Great Lakes issue.

Keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes

This past May the electronic barrier in the Chicago waterway system that was built to stop Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan failed for 13 minutes – and this is not the first time. Additionally, DNA evidence that Asian carp are present past this barrier continues to come in. The percentage of DNA-positive water samples taken above the barrier this year appears to have grown tenfold over the last year. The urgency to stop these invasive species is real.

Decision makers are looking at numerous options to stop them from entering the Great Lakes. However, the only solution that would permanently stop Asian carp and other harmful invasives from swimming into our lakes is to separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi River systems and restore their natural divide. Be part of the growing effort to stop Asian carp by letting your elected officials in Washington, D.C. know how important our Great Lakes are to you and that you want the strongest solution possible to protect them.

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