Get Your Local Governments Involved

Get Your Local Governments Involved

Like the tens of thousands of people who have contacted their Members of Congress, letting them know they want the strongest actions possible to stop Asian carp, local units of government can also play an important role. Thus far pressure from the Great Lakes region has had a meaningful impact that resulted in a policy moving us in the right direction, but the job itself is far from done.  We need to keep this momentum going and demonstrate to Congress growing support for stopping the Asian carp.

You can help by asking your local unit of government to pass this resolution in support of stopping Asian carp and protecting your community, its inland rivers, lakes and streams and the Great Lakes from this invasive species.  Your community can be part of the growing chorus of support around the region letting decision makers know we want the Asian carp stopped and we want fast action.

We are working to inspire local media coverage of this effort too! If you are planning to propose this resolution to your local unit of government or already have, let us know by emailing! Check out this background piece you can use with people in your community and your local unit of government to explain how their support is part of a larger effort to stop the Asian carp.

Please be sure to update David Ullirch with Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative or Cheryl Kallio with Freshwater Future if a community passes this resolution to be part of the growing chorus of communities around the Great Lakes region.

Contact Information:

Cheryl Kallio Dave Ullrich
Associate Director Executive Director
Freshwater Future Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative
P: 231.571.5001 P: 312.201.4516
E: E:





Check out what communities passed the resolution!  Our goal is for 100 communities to pass it. Don’t see your community?  Ask them to help stop Asian carp by passing the resolution!

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