Lead in Drinking Water: What you should know?

No Lead is Safe

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set the health goal for lead in drinking water at zero because of the harmful impacts to health from exposure to this toxic metal at low levels. Lead exposure can build up or bioaccumulate in the body over time.

Based on this guidance that there is no safe level of lead in drinking water, Freshwater Future recommends that all homes in communities that are not in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule use filters and water flushing techniques.

It is important for everyone residing in cities with elevated lead levels to understand the importance of using filters and have a knowledge of their proper maintenance and use.

For more information on lead impacts to your health click here to visit the EPA’s online portal for ground water and drinking water resources.

NEW! Michigan Lead and Copper Rule Handbook: Empowering Resident Watchdogs to Conduct Investigations of Their Water Systems

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How to get your water tested for lead?

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The Right Filter–Used Properly and Maintained Can Reduce Lead  – Learn more – NSF Guide

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