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Yesterday, Freshwater Future’s sister organization Freshwater Future Canada, Canadian Freshwater Alliance, and Environmental Defence hosted a media tour of Pelee Island in Lake Erie. This week marks the one year anniversary of major water shut offs of Pelee Island that left a majority of their residents without water due to a toxic algal bloom. This tour allowed CTV Windsor, Windsor Star, Kingsville Free Press, Blackburn, and the CBC French Radio to get a first hand view of algae in Lake Erie.

Experts predict that this year’s bloom in western Lake Erie will be one of the worst ever recorded. Toxic algal blooms are a serious threat to public health, wildlife, and local economies. Algal blooms are forcing beach closures, increasing water treatment costs, killing fish, and are a threat to the lake’s multi-billion dollar tourism economy.

To view some of the media coverage that came from this tour, see the following:
The Windsor Star
CTV Windsor – Video



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