Green Pilot Team

Green Pilot Team

Freshwater Future is partnering with Earth Economics to create a new online tool to reduce flood risk, increase climate resiliency, and better inform green infrastructure investments in communities across the US. 

But we have to start somewhere! Working with the Sierra Club, we’ve identified the North End of Detroit MI to be a good candidate to host the pilot of this tool.

This interactive, browser-based map would allow users to become part of the solution to stormwater issues in their communities. Their participation can help identify areas at risk for flood damage and they can even suggest locations of green infrastructure projects.

The thing that is going to make this tool so great is YOU! Using this tool residents and community members will be able to upload pictures of flooding, large puddles, and runoff from rain to an interactive online map. Pictures and descriptions you upload will then be used in combination of weather data, soil analysis, and other information to improve how we manage stormwater and reduce flood risk.

The tool is still in the development phase so you can’t use it yet…but soon we’ll need residents to test out our pilot product!

Sign up today to join our #GreenPilotTeam and get updates on the tool and for a chance to test out the tool before release to the public.

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