Great Lakes Restoration Toolkit

Great Lakes Restoration Toolkit

Freshwater Future is thrilled to announce the release of our latest toolkit focused on Great Lakes Restoration. Restoring the Great Lakes happens–One Community at a Time. Every community that undertakes a project to restore the health of the lakes, rivers, wetlands, and shorelines brings great benefits.

This resource packet is designed to provide resources to help those working on or interested in working on such restorations in their communities by providing:

  1. Examples of five successful projects that incorporated meaningful citizen input into the process;
  2. A summary of why restoration is needed and solutions and the benefits that can accrue to communities undertaking such efforts;
  3. A resource manual to help citizens participate in and plan restoration projects of all types.

We hope this packet will be of use in planning and implementing restoration projects as well as in talking with decision makers and potential funders and project partners. Whether you are already working on a restoration project or might be able to provide comments to an ongoing project, your efforts are critical to restoring this global treasure.

Five Stories

 Online Content

Submit Your Restoration Success Story

Hundreds of local efforts are underway in both the United States and Canada to clean up the Great Lakes. These efforts vary greatly from reducing erosion by restoring streambanks, to cleaning up toxics, to removing alien nuisance plants such as purple loosestrife or phragmites. Please share your local community’s effort to improve your corner of the Great Lake Basin. Please download and complete the Restoration Project Success Registration Form and email to You may also send a photograph to accompany your project description.

Thank You

The Great Lakes Restoration: One Community at a Time toolkit would not have been possible without the work and assistance of the following individuals and organizations:

David Syring Kevin Church
Jamie Cross Marlye Barbe’
Michelle Rich Prein & Newhof
Ed Houghton Sugarloaf: The North Shore Stewardship Association
Gail Krantzberg Friends of Whiskey Island
Ed Hauser Muskegon River Watershed Assembly
Peter Griesinger Bring Back the Don Task Force
Gary Noble Citizens Environment Watch
Andrew Slade Environment Network of Collingwood
Susan Bookbinder Alliance for the Great Lakes
John Wilson


The Joyce Foundation
Healing Our Waters Coalition
Alliance for the Great Lakes
C.S. Mott Foundation
Prince Charitable Trusts
Legacy Foundation
Unity Foundation of LaPorte County

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