Special Opportunity Grant Program

Special Opportunity Grant Program

Funding for 2021 NOW AVAILABLE!

The Special Opportunity Grants Program (Emergency Grants) provides small grants for the water protection efforts that may not coincide with the application timeline or grant period for the Projects Grants Program. Freshwater Future realizes that many community projects can be completed for under $750 USD, therefore we maintain a reserve to support urgent projects or those that present a special, time-limited opportunity. Although the eligibility, overarching goal, priority program areas, and evaluation criteria are the same as the regular grants programs, Special Opportunity Grant (SOG) requests are processed differently to ensure a quick turnaround.

United States applicants that do not have 501(c)(3) tax status or Ontario applicants that are not registered charities governed by the Charities Accounting Act must have a sponsoring 501(c)(3) organization or registered charity.

Application Process and Timeline for Special Opportunity Grant funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Although preference is given to Special Opportunity Grants Program requests made prior to the expenditure of project funds, “after the fact” funding requests will be considered as long as the request is made within one month of the expenditure.

The Freshwater Future staff will review applications, seek input if necessary, and render a decision within two weeks of receipt of complete request. Payment will be made within four weeks of approval. Within one month of completion of the funded activity, the grant recipient must submit a one-page written report that briefly documents the actual expenses incurred, activities performed, and the outcomes.

*There is no cycle deadline for this program.


Click here to determine your eligibility.

If you are eligible, see below for instructions on how to submit a Special Opportunity Grant Application to Freshwater Future

Please provide in the form of a letter (one-page) a project description explaining how these funds will be used. 

Please include the following information in your letter:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip, Country
  • Email
  • Project description
  • Amount of funding requested (Special Opportunity Grants – up to $750 USD
  • Attach a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter
  • *If your organization does not 501(c)(3) tax status (US) or are not registered charities governed by the Charities Accounting Act (Ontario) then you must have a sponsoring 501(c)(3) organization or registered charity. If you are using a fiscal sponsor please include their contact information in the letter.

Send letter to Laurie@freshwaterfuture.org

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