2018 Fall Project Grants

2018 Fall Project Grants

Black Autonomy Network Community Organization

Amount: $1200

Project Title: Water ambassadors: Planning a Multigenerational Experiential Community Engagement Advocacy for Wellness Campaign

Project Description: Grant funds will be used to assist with stipends for participants in the creation of an awareness and bas-building campaign with a goal of creating lifelong commitments to water responsibility and community advocacy.

Hold Erie Coke Accountable

Amount: $1500

Project Title: Citizen Engagement to Protect Community & Lake Erie Coke NPDES Permit Renewal

Project Description: Hold Erie Coke Accountable will engage the local community for an upcoming public hearing by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on Erie Cokes Inc’s Renewal application for the air and water quality permits. Their efforts will help educate citizens and encourage them to participate.

Seneca Lake Guardian

Amount: $1750

Project Title: Coal Ash Discharge into Seneca and Cayuga Lakes

Project Description: Seneca Lake Guardians will use grant funds to help conduct groundwater monitoring around two coal ash landfills for all of the EPA required testing for chemicals and radioactivity. They will report to the public as well as be involved in commenting on the pending SPDES and landfill permits for one of the two coal ash landfills.

Protect Our Moraine

Amount: $2000

Project Title: Phase 3 of the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan – Citizen Engagement for a greener Plan
Project Description: As part of the City of Guelph’s Clair-Malby Secondary Plan to layout residential designs for its last remaining greenfield, Protect Our Moraine will use grant funds to support innovative, low impact design that minimize the disruption of the groundwater and preserve ecological functions.


Amount: $1000

Project Title: Oppose PolyMet Sulfide Mine Permits

Project Description: WaterLegacy will use funding to protect Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters from mining impacts. They will engage citizens through tabling, media and contract to participate appealing DNR Permits.

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