2017 Healing Our Waters Grants

2017 Healing Our Waters Grants

Conservation Resource Alliance

Amount: $7500

Project Title: Restoring Connectivity in the North Platte River

Project Description: Conservation Resource Alliance will use funds to support restoring connectivity to the North Branch Platte River. Funding will support project management and monitoring costs so that they can have engineered designs and approved permits to prepare proposals to GLRI funders.


Conservation Resource Alliance

Amount: $5000

Project Title: Benzie River Care — Building Resilient Coldwater Streams

Project Description: Grant Funds will be used to assist with preliminary design, cost estimate, and permitting work to prepare for GLRI proposals that will complete on-the-ground restoration work in the next phase of the Benzie River Care Initiative.


Conservation Resource Alliance

Amount: $5000

Project Title: Boardman River ReBorn Part 2

Project Description: An additional $5000 to our current HOW capacity funding will allow CRA, to continue coordination services to convene the Project Implementation Team (IT), and work groups under our current scope of work, outreach and communication to the local community and support additional GLRI funding applications as needed to complete the dam removal project.


Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Amount: $12895

Project Title: Wetland Habitat Restoration in the Lake Michigan Watershed

Project Description: Ducks Unlimited will use funds to secure work with partners needed to finalize and submit phase two of the proposal for Green Bay to Marquette, a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant.


Grand Rapids Whitewater

Amount: $15000

Project Title: Grand River Revitalization and Rapids Restoration Project

Project Description: Grant funds will allow Grand Rapids Whitewater to address the Environmental Protection Agency?s feedback from previous applications to improve and create a competitive grant application for their adjustable hydraulic structure to control lamprey, allowing their larger rapids restoration project to move forward.


Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Amount: $9237.5

Project Title: Underwood Creek Downtown Daylighting Project

Project Description: Grant funds support the writing and project design components of a funding proposal with the Sustain Our Great Lakes initiative. The project creates 1,600 linear feet of bio-engineered channel, relocating Underwood Creek from an enclosed culvert and restoring natural hydraulic function, improving habitat for fish and waterfowl species.


Muskegon County Environmental Coordinating Council

Amount: $9237.5

Project Title: Little Flower Creek Aquatic Habitat Improvement Project

Project Description: Muskegon County Environmental Coordinating Council will use grant funds for scientific monitoring of the aquatic habitat in Little Flower Creek, a designated coldwater stream. This data will help them prepare a grant application for a GLRI Habitat and Species focused grant.


Muskegon Sportfishing Association

Amount: $6250

Project Title: ShoreLive Fish Habitat

Project Description: Muskegon Sportfishing Association will use funds to engage planners, engineers and grant writers to produce grant applications for federal funding to establish new fish habitat and facilities in Muskegon Lake.


Trout Unlimited

Amount: $19880

Project Title: Continue Restoration and Reconnection of Northwest Michigan Rivers

Project Description: Grant funds will allow Trout Unlimited to collect data and information on priority road/stream crossings to help develop restoration plans and culvert replacement designs to support larger federal project proposals to restore priority coldwater stream habitat in the Lake Michigan basin.

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