2016 Spring Project Grants

2016 Spring Project Grants

Save the River (Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper)

Amount: $1500

Project Title: The stroke of two pens begins restoration of 64,000 acres of wetlands

Project Description: Save the River / Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper will push for approval and implementation of the International Joint Commission?s Plan 2014 by the U.S. and Canadian governments. This agreement provides a modern water levels management plan that puts ecosystem health on equal footing with shipping, hydropower production and flood protection.


Religious Coalition for the Great Lakes

Amount: $2500

Project Title: Protecting the Great Lakes Region from Fracking Impacts

Project Description: The coalition will host an in-person meeting of members from around the Great Lakes. They will learn the various parts of the fracking cycle, discuss alternative energy sources, and conservation regarding possible strategies for influencing decision makers so that they can make the changes necessary to convert to a more sustainable energy system. Members will then apply what they?ve learned in their home congregations around the basin.


Pointes Protection Association

Amount: $2500

Project Title: Protecting an Important and Rare Lake Superior Wetland

Project Description: Pointe Louise Wetland on the Upper St. Mary?s River in lower Whitefish Bay has been proposed for development, which would destroy the wetland and its functions. The group has been participating as a part in Ontario Municipal Board proceedings, and will continue as a party in an appeal to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.


Izaak Walton League-Indiana Division

Amount: $3000

Project Title: Indian Dunes State Park Preservation Project

Project Description: The Indiana Division of the Izaak Walton League of America will develop an analysis of a lease and related documents regarding a development company that proposes construction of a convention center on the Indiana Dunes shoreline. The convention center could have negative impacts on the Indiana Dunes shoreline.


Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association

Amount: $3500

Project Title: Seneca Lake Watershed: Citizen Stream Monitoring

Project Description: Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association will add a fifth stream to their Community Stream and Seneca Lake monitoring program. They hope to identify sources of nutrients in the streams that are responsible for algae blooms in the lake. From there, they will conduct outreach and seek solutions to the problems identified.


Native American Educational Technologies, Inc.

Amount: $3000

Project Title: Addressing Mines, Swines and Pipelines

Project Description: Native American Educational Technologies will provide live broadcast coverage of events, hearings, meetings and rallies in order to help tribes and their local units of government utilize their tribal rights to protect and defend their waters. In particular, coverage will focus on potential mining activities in the Bad River Watershed, Confined Animal Feeding Operations near the Lake Superior shoreline and oil pipelines running in or near water resources.



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